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Experience the taste of the majestic Siachen Valley with Siachen Naturals Barley Soup, a wholesome and nutritious soup crafted with care. Made from the finest organic ingredients sourced directly from the pristine Siachen Valley, .

Our Barley Soup is a perfect blend of protein and fibre, making it an ideal choice for health-conscious individuals. We believe in the power of organic food and its ability to nourish our bodies while preserving the environment. That’s why our ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from organic farms in the Siachen Valley.

Inspired by traditional Ladakhi recipes, this heart-healthy barley soup is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and is infused with medicinal Himalayan herbs found in Siachen Valley .Lovingly crafted by skilled mothers from Aranoo village, it embodies the essence of our heritage and nature’s embrace


Here are the key ingredients that make Our Barley Soup a truly remarkable and healthy choice
Fine roasted barley
Dried Onion
Dried Garlic
Dried Vegetables
Wild caraway
Wild Chives
Black paper
Black paper
Himalayan Pink Salt

Health Benefits of our Barley Soups
Immune Support: Herbs, onion, and garlic provide immune-boosting properties to the barley soup.
Heart Health: Barley’s fiber and dried vegetables promote cardiovascular well-being.
Digestive Wellness: Barley and fiber-rich dried vegetables support healthy digestion.
Antioxidant Boost: Herbs and dried vegetables contribute antioxidants for cell protection.
Flavorful Nutrition: Dried vegetables enhance taste while providing essential nutrients.

How to prepare our Healthy Barley Soup
Mix 1  packet with a cup of Boiled water.
Mix well to avoid lumps
Served Hot.
(Add more or less water and salt according to your thickness and taste preference)


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