Wild nettle soup with organic roasted barley powder and siachen herbs


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Rich in fibre, Vitamins A, C and K and Amino acid

Mrp 60grm 3 serving 120 rs and 20 grm 1 serving 55rs


Wild Nettle powder, Fine roasted barley, Wild caraway, Wild Chives, Black paper, Dried Onion, Dried Garlic, Dried Green Leaves and salt.

How to prepare (Single serving):

  • Take 150ml of water and put it to boil.
  • Take 20gms of soup powder in a bowl and mix 50 ml of water.
  • Stir the soup powder continuously to avoid any lump formation.
  • Add the stirred soup powder into the boiling water and cook for 1minutes.
  • You may add more water to give the soup the desired consistency. Serve hot.

From a Centuries-Old Cuisine In every Ladakhi household, people start their morning with barley soup prepared with churpay (dried cheese), nuts, vegetables, and butter. It is served to every person, regardless of age. It is proven to be beneficial for people with a range of health issues. When working on the field, one would have a bowl of barley soup to last the long tiring day. During harsh winter months, the soup helps in keeping the body warm. Easy to cook and a time & energy saver—barley soup is everyone’s go-to food.


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